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Here’s an update video guys!!





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Ask us stuff!


Hey guys! kamlegacy and I are thinking about filming a Q&A today so let us know what questions you want us to answer! Feel free to ask us non cosplay/anime related questions and just any kind of random question or dare or anything fun! :D

Message us your questions!!!


this is literally what I do though


this is literally what I do though

Anonymous said:
pet peeves? not just for cosplay but like in general

When slow people walk in front of me xD ~Layne

People that make arguments out of everythingggg lol ~Kam

Anonymous said:
How did Layne make her Robin costume?

I bought a red bodysuit online then just cut the head and hands off. then i bought fabric paint and painted the entire thing :) for the cape i just bought yellow and black fabric and made it real fast and crappy xD

the-sirens-shadow said:
I have a small question to ask...if this isn't to big of a problem may I ask where you two got our amazing Hitachiin brothers wig from me and my older(by 30 minutes) Brother want to cosplay the twincest boys and love your wigs. So where did you get them or what site?

We got them off eBay ;3; I’m not sure what I searched though, something like “orange brown wig” or “short copper wig”

deadb0ys said:
will you guys ever cosplay sora and roxas again and make videos? ;-; i miss those two~

I’m not sure lol I think we’ve kind of grown out of those cosplays ;_; we might make a video in the future if we decide to cosplay them again but right now we kind of just put them aside D;

saffyisreal said:
Hi! I'm Saffy! I was wondering where do you get your wigs from? Also where do you get your Contact Lenses from? I try to find a got shops online but I can never seem to find any one's that look reliable. ^.^ x

Hi! We get most our wigs off eBay and sometimes arda wigs (but rarely cuz they’re expensive D; ) and we get most our contacts off youknowit. They’re reliable as far as I can tell, but I did get one contact that broke before I even used it lol but I’ve used a lot of their contacts so I think that one was just funky ;P they’re pretty cheap also so that helps lol