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trying to push a pull door and not succeeding like


Anonymous said:
I know that you're guys 5'5" or 5'6" hight and your in high school right?! I'm 5'5" and I still 13 Y.O :) how can that be?! About me: I don't want to be taller... that's enough :(

LOL nicee we wish we were taller :(

Anonymous said:
Could you guys think about making minecraft gaming videos. Like not just survival there's a lot of cool mini games!!

Yes!! We’re working on it XD

Anonymous said:
How come Kam talks more than Layne in your videos? It's not a bad thing, I'm just curious xD

Lol I dont really know XD mostly because Layne takes awhile to think about what shes gonna say and Kam’s impatient aha

Anonymous said:
Hey you guys~ I just wanted to say that you both are HUGE inspirations to me! I've been going through a hard time at home and school but watching your videos and stalking your instagrams (XD) have made me feel a lot better. You never cease to make me smile and laugh even when I don't think I can. I wanted to thank you for that. I'm trying not to make this too long but anyways keep doing what you're doing, hugs <3 ^^

Ahhh this makes me so happy ;3; im so glad you find joy in our work! I’m sorry about whats happening at home and school for you :( itll get better!! Keep your chin up!! ^q^

Anonymous said:
You know guys? , a famous manga artist is following you on , tumblr , youtube and soon on deviantart . he told me that you didn't notice him .

Owahhhh O^O who??


Here’s an update video guys!!





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Dammit its Wednesday and I would have been rethinking scrolling past this all day if I didn’t reblog

Ask us stuff!


Hey guys! kamlegacy and I are thinking about filming a Q&A today so let us know what questions you want us to answer! Feel free to ask us non cosplay/anime related questions and just any kind of random question or dare or anything fun! :D

Message us your questions!!!