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Anonymous said:
sdkfjdfkjdk Layne you are just magnificent. I'd say that on your personal blog but you have the anon turned off and I definitely do not have the guts for that

aww thank you x3x i didn’t realize i had it off D; 

KuroBas Meme [5/7 characters]: Kagami Taiga

attackontitanobsessed said:
I was wondering if you could give me tips on beginner cosplay. what do you think we should cosplay? We are really petite and short girls. Do you know any pairings we could cosplay? Thanks!

Hmm well makeup is a big part of cosplay lol it doesnt really matter if youre short or not, we cosplayed a lot of guys that are tall lol uhmm well theres Hikaru and Kaoru, Alois and Ceil or one can cosplay Ciel and the other Sebby, same with Alois lol Rin and Yukio

attackontitanobsessed said:
Also do you know any places that sell good quality yet cheap cosplays?

eBay sells some pretty cheap good cosplays, you can check there XD

watchpandakarichu said:
asdfghjkl //spazzes * ^ * you guys are like my favorite cosplayers ; u ; you guys are amazing while I'm just like blech ; A ; I'd like to meet you guys one day ~ //glomps then runs away O///^///O

agshjksdl Q//^//Q thank youu ffff we’d love to meet you too ;3;

Anonymous said:
I started watching Ao no Exorcist because of your cosplays but now I'm like sobbing what the fuuuuuuuuck

Omg ikkk but its amazinggg <33 lol

Anonymous said:
Um hey im a huge fan of your guy's cosplay. Honestly im looking up to you in cosplay. Random question what grade are you guys in? Well thanks for being so great!! c:

We’re seniors in high school right now lol and thank you >//Q//<

animangaphan said:
You guys are really funny, and I love your cosplays!

Gahhh thank youu O//^//O