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Anonymous said:
Are you Guys having a meet up at Anime Expo?

We didnt have one D; maybe next year tho XD

Anonymous said:
Will you two be attending SacAnime???

Noo I dont think we will lol

francehetaliagirl said:
why are you guys so awesome?

W-what nooo we arent >//Q//< lol

cosplayjutsu said:
Omg you don't now how much you guys inspire me and my cosplay partner loli were going to anime expo on Saturday and wanted to ask IF I FIND U CAN I HUG U GUYS?!?!? Lol ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ahhh i wish i check our tumblr sooner!!! D; Lol of course if you find us you can always hug us!! ;3;

Anonymous said:
Your cosplays are so amazing! I hope i'll be able to bump into you guys at an expo sometime >,< Keep up the great work and i and many others will be looking foward to videos up and going :3 <3

Ahh thank you ;3;

"My honor, my dreams… they’re yours now."



Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX (x)

the kh fandom aka “lets gif the same thing we’ve seen a billion times but this time in hd”

love it

thegeekyotaku said:
(these are Q's for the both of you) Hi, i'm just asking some of the blogs I follow 2 questions to see the different kind of answers I would get, so here goes. Oh! and if you think of a specific or few reasons why, also add that please, thanks!!! 1# Have you watched the anime's 'Loveless', 'Blood+' and 'Black Butler'? 2# who do you think would win in a fight/battle, Saya & Haji (Blood+), Ciel & Sebastion (Black Butler), or Ritsuka & Soubi (Loveless)? \\\Hint: they can all be ordered to win/// :)

We’ve watched Black Butler but not Blood+ or Loveless. Since we havent watch Blood+ or Loveless, I dont think we could answer the second question lol XD

Anonymous said:
Have you both considered making a Q&A video on youtube?

(sorry for late response) Yess we actually did, you probably already know that since we didnt respond for so long Dx

zpmidnitenerd said:
Do you know creepy pasta and if so what's your favorite character? :-)

Noo we dont know what that is lol y,y